Zip Lining in Rishikesh

Zip Lining in Rishikesh

The zip-line has been used widely as a transportation method in some rural area and mountainous countries for many years. In some remote areas zip line mostly used as a means of entertainment. They can be short and low. Consists a pulley suspended on a cable which is generally made of stainless steel and mounted on a slope. It is drafted to allow a user get moving by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the tilted cable by attaching to or by holding on to the puller which is free to move . Zip-lines comes in multi forms, The zip-wire has been used as a transportation method in some mountainous countries,and in some remote areas in different parts of the world for many years .
The users while performing the activity are bodily attached to the cable with a tackle equipment that attaches to the trolley. A helmet is essential for safety purpose . Cables can be very high but starting height is 9 m or (30 ft). It is crafted to empower a user moving by gravity to cover the distance from the top to the bottom of the tilt cable by holding on or attaching to the freely moving pulley.

In rishikesh Zip lining, the adventure seekers are physically attached to the wire and on releasing,speeds up by gravity,the maximum height of Zip line is upto 7 mtrs above the river level here. Gravity accelerates the speed upto 160 kmph which is a thrilling experience.While landing on the other side the crew member reduces the speed and stops the persone ,after that one should Walk back to the cafe and enjoy with ur friends by watching your photographs of performing zip lining .Zip line activity is usually done in tande by 3 people. Minimum age for Zip lining should be 12 year and Minimum Weight should be 20 kg and Maximum weight should be 130 kg. The crew pursue all world class standards in every single operations and activities to make sure this is safe for you.

Cautions for Zip lining

Listen the instructors all the times
Know your limits
Wear a helmet for safety purpose