Flying Fox in Rishikesh

Flying Fox in Rishikesh- Asia’s Longest 1 km

Rishikesh is a city, municipal council and a tehsil in Dehradun district of the Indian state. Jolly Grant airport at Dehradun is the nearest airport to Rishikesh which is approximately 35 kilometres away. Uttarakhand Rishikesh is located on the foothills of north Himalayas,rishikesh is also the gateway to garhwal and is a well developed yoga capital of the world,rishikesh is around 23 km away from haridwar.

What is Flying Fox Adventure Sport?

The term flying fox also known as cable car in New Zealand English and in Australian English. In some countries of the world flying fox Adventure Sport it is also known as zip-line or zip-wire.Basically A flying fox is a small cable car, usually driven by the gravity. The cable is stable at the both ends and runs through the ropes which moves on the pullys which are attached to the car. The flying fox or cable car basically consists of a handle for proving grip to the adventure seekers,in the past times flying foxes were used for conveying food or tools or any other needed equipment to otherside for the people working on the other edge and there was only gorge, pass are between them.
In the flying fox the driving enery is gravitational energy ,the cable through which the flying fox moves, the cable starts from a very high point and to voyage down to the base end, usually forms a perpendicular slope With Flying Fox.The visitors who enjoy this adventue could enjoy the view that most tourists miss.

Cautions for flying fox

All the adventurous activities, have a component of risk. In the case of flying fox adventure we take all sensible measures to diminish these probable risks. Our zipline tour has been drafted and constructed to international standards and All of our equipments are subjected to daily safety checks before use.At the starting of each flying cable tour all customers are provided with essential safety tips and advices.The most essential thing is to listen the instructions of your instructors and follow their advise all the times.