(FAQ’s) Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : What is the most suitable time for camping?
A : Best time for camping in Rishikesh is from march to june.

Q2 : What is the size of a group to go for the adventure sport?
A : 7 to 8 persons are required to balance a raft,if you are willing to raft with your group,if your group is much bigger we can adjust remaining members in other raft with another group.

Q3 : Do the mobile networks are available in this area?
A : yes networks are available in most of the places here.

Q4 : Is electricity available in tents?
A : Electricity is available all the time in luxury camps,and in particular times in normal camps.

Q5 : what is the distance of camping site from Rishikesh?
A : The camping site starts from Shivpuri,which is about 16 km away from rishikesh.

Q6 : Can we enjoy river rafting during rainy season?
A : River rafting is not safe and camps are closed during monsoon season.

Q7 : Is river rafting is safe?
A : Yes,river rafting is safe if you follow the commands of your instructor.

Q8 : Is rafting safe for the kids below 12 year?
A : River rafting is not arranged for kids below 12,but a small river stretch is available for the kids below 12.

Q9 : Should we carry our own toiletries for camping?
A : For normal camps you are recommended to bring your toiletries(soap,towel).

Q10 : which are the nearest locations to visit ?
A : chopta(tungnath),haridwar,dehradoon,mussoorie,chakrata,are the nearest tourist locations for visitors.