Dodital Trekking Uttarakhand 2017

Dodital lies in the Uttarkashi district of the Garhwal region in the state of Uttarakhand (formerly Uttar Pradesh). The distance of Dodi tal is 32 km from the district headquarters of uttarkashi.Dodital is a freshwater lake situated at a height of 3024 meters above the sea level.The Dodital lake is famous because of a lot of mythological history behind it, Dodital is known as the birth place of Lord Ganesha,that is why it is also calleed Dhundital which means Ganesh ka tal or lake of Ganesha. To reach Dodital, one should reach Uttarkashi by road and then walk to Dodital,a short jeep ride is available to take you to Sangamchatti,Sangamchatti is the place from where the trek to Dodital begins and the distance is 21 km. According to a popular myth Lord Ganesha choose this place as his abode.A temple devoted to Lord Ganesha is here.

How to Reach Dodital | Delhi to Dodital Distance :

To reach Dodital Our trek starts from Rishikesh which is well connected by roadways and train track,and to reach dodital by air you need to arrive to the nearest airport Dehradun (jolly grant) which is well connected by air,to reach Rishikesh from Dehradun you need to take a road transport and it will take around 40 minutes you to reach Rishikesh from Jolly grant airport.To reach dodital,The Distance of Dodital from Delhi is around 280 kms.

Dodital Trek Route Map :


Packages for Dodital Tour of 05 Nights/06 Days

Dodital Trek Itinerary :

Day 01: Rishikesh to Uttarkashi (Distance- 210 kms Drive)
Drive starts in the morning towards Uttarkashi. The various colours of Himalayan flora can be seen from this place.The drive takes the visitors to thehistorical town of Narendra nagar(pauri).Overnight stay at the Hotel of Uttarakashi.

Day 02: Uttarkashi to Sangamchatti (Distance- 14 kms )
Take Brekfast in the Early Morning and get your Trekking Gears and Arrive at Sangamchatti ,here you get introduced to the trekking crew.The day starts with crossing the river Asi ganga by a well constructed bridge,you need to ascend about 5 km to reach to the village of Agoda. The local denizen of the village can be seen while your trek,villagers can be spooted while busy in the fields others involved in their daily activities. 2 kilometers away from here we reach in to Bhebra village.Rest houses for tourists are available here.visitors Lunch,Dinner,overnight stay will provide to visitors in the tents.

Day 03: Agora / Bevra to Dodital (Distance-15 Kms, Time- 7 hrs) Dodital Trek
After Breakfast in the morning and with packed lunchTrek to Dodital, The trek to dodital is easier than the previous day.After trekking of few hours of The trail pass through the forest involves a some of side stream,we finally reaches to the magnificent Dodital lake.This lakeis surrounded by pine forest.The is an amazing,and refreshing lake with the Ganesha temple, couples of tents are arranged here for the visitors. Dinner and night stay in the tents.

Day 04: Dodital (3307 mts/10847 ft) to Darwa Top (Distance – 5 kms/ 3 hrs)
After Breakfast in the morning Trek starts to Darwa Top with Packed Lunch,the distance to cover on this day is 5 kilometers only.The trek is refreshing which passes through lakes,meadows,narrow gorges,birch forests and rocky colonies.After passing some steeps you reach to Bandar punch peak and in swargarohini range,the view is mesmerizing and stunning and adorable.After enjoying the location start moving back towards Dodital.

Any nature lover can camp here in Dodital for several days,because this place is really looks like abode of god.The Darwa meadow on the one side and open valley on the other side make this location a beautiful creation of god.The evening pooja arrange at the Ganesha make the environment holy and peaceful. Dinner and night stay in the tents.

Day 05: Dodital to Agoda / Bevra (Distance-17 kms Time 4-5 hrs)
After Breakfast in the morning, Trek Back to Bevra with the packed Lunch,the returning trek doesn’t seem much challenging one.The views while lowering down the valley are stunning andad mirable that attracts the photography lovers. Dinner and night stay in the tents.

Day 06: Agoda to Sangm Chatti( Distance-7 kms trek ) – Rishikesh (177 kms Drive)
After Breakfast in the morning trek through the Agoda village,which leads you to Sangam Chatti Board get into your vehicles and start driving towards Rishikesh with the unforgettable memories of the dodital trek,lunch will be provided to you on the way.Tour ends on arriving at Rishikesh.