Camping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a peaceful small town by the sides of the symbolic Ganges. This place offers astonishing adventure opportunities that’s why Rishikesh is well-advised as the famous rafting destination in India. Rishikesh is flocked by many people every year who come here in search of serenity and tranquility. People from around the worldd come down to this adventurous city to witness and experience the thrill of white waters of the river Ganga.

Camping in Rishikesh is the top outdoor vacation activity.A fair percentage of people like camping. Camping is very tempting, even for the first-timer – of the one third of people that have gone on a Rishikesh camping adventure over a five year period, only 7% said camping is not for them,even they start experienced different camping like beach camping,Forest Camping.

Please be sensibilise that camping that is done very often can be addictive.
Have You ever imagine that retired soldiers who have passed a good part of their service time staying in camps which are located in exceptional places like forests, woods ,beaches and mountains always blaze with desire to go camping?

Whenever you want to go for camping at a very far place Its better to make a very good plan for entire trip before to go. You should always make it sure that somebody authentic who is not going with you knows the coordinates of the place that you are going to camp at.
For outdoor recreation lovers,Rishikesh camping is one of the best options. It allows enjoying the nature while remaining away from one’s conventional settings.

Luxury Forest Camping is most like living at home because you bring a furnished camps that you basically live in with you. This type of camping is generally for the people who do not like to “rough it” but also might like to be social since many times Luxury Forest Camping are parked fairly near each other or in similar sections. All you really need to think about are what foods and personal items you would like to stock it with.Though there are some normal maintenance items with Luxury Forest Camping, you basically park them and live in them.

Then there are the many camping styles or you can say camping types. Basically these Camping types or styles revolve around Three basic Location themes.Here you can get best Camps in Rishikesh Guidence

Beach Camping in Rishikesh

Beach Camping in Rishikesh is beautiful camps on river beach.It’s getting very attractive day by day. Excursionist from all over the world come here in search of recreation and adventure. Beach camps provides the best way to take a break from the daily regular life. Rishikesh offer exclusive White Water Silver sand beach Camps.These are the camps which are situated on the side of a river. Rishikesh offers the perfect match for Beach Camping in Rishikesh. The most renownd spot for Beach camps in Rishikesh are- Shivpuri ,Marine drive,Byasi and Kaudiyala.All tents are prepared with twin beds and linen. There are no electricity and attached bathrooms in these camps. But beach camps offers a chance to explore the huge area of rocks and sandy beach. Beach Camping is a great way to entertain in sports like river rafting, body surfing, swimming, kayaking,trekking and other outdoor games like Beach Cricket,volley Ball etc. You can listen to the soothing sounds of water and birds call. March to April and October to December is the best time to enjoy Beach Camping in Rishikesh.

Jungle Camping in Rishikesh

You can experience a real jungle adventure in the foothills of Himalaya, in Rishikesh. Jungle Camping offers more thrilling experience of camping then Beach Camping . Forest camping is best for a nature lover and a complete adventure enthusiast, If You ARE.Then you should definitely plan for forest Camping in Rishikesh. Jungle Camps are elevated in the center of Himalayan forests situated far away from riverside. The tents for Jungle Camping are permanently fixed in order to provide security during breeze storms. You get to spend time surrounded by the warmth of nature. But You can not expect the facilities like electricity, running water and attached bathrooms here. Forest Camping is all about living in a jungle without any basic amenities, like our forefather did. Try to avoid unnecessary items from your luggage. You need to pack as lightly as possible. Carry light and fast drying clothes with you. Jungle Camping allows you to have some peaceful moments far away from the rat race. You can also consult yourForest guide about the basics of getting prepared.

Luxury Camping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh luxury camp introduces the discerning traveller to different adventures in Carefully selected exceptional locations.Luxury Camping in Rishikesh is the best way to access the virgin beauty of nature and add adventure to your holiday. luxury camping allows you be as close to nature as you can without compromising on the comfort of fine living. It Offers ample amount luxury facilities and accommodation in the midst of jungle or riverside. you will be get attached Washroom, running water, room service,hand held shower, mirror, carpets, tow chair,table and Cooling Fan. Luxury Forest Camping is a totally diverse experience compared to Beach Camping and forest Camping. Luxury Camping is a great way to indulge in activities like Rock Climbing,rappelling, trekking, bird watching etc. Luxury Camps are erected on permanent frames and protected by nylon and fabrics. Trekking is the best way to explore the region and meet local people. Top Popular places for luxury camping are Brahmapuri,Byasi and Neel Kanth Road etc. Luxury Camping also provides great freedom to take part in recreational sports and activities in camp sites.The best season for Luxury Camping begins from Oct to the end of June.